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A slack chat window where a user is using the /ice command.


Get to know your team.

Learn fun and interesting things about your coworkers.

Simply use the /ice command to bring an icebreaker into the chat.

Use the shuffle button until you find a question you like.

Hit post and learn something new about your coworkers!

Right now, you can post icebreakers in public channels or private channels, but not in private DMs. (This is something I am working on!) Check out my help page for a more detailed walkthrough of activating the app in your Slack.

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Icebreakers from the best source

Many of the questions are from Rob Walker's public icebreaker list that has been contributed to by the readers of his The Art of Noticing Newsletter. Rob is also the author of The Art of Noticing.

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This app was built by Stephen.